This feels kind of weird. I am not a writer and haven’t really written before but having thought about writing a blog for a while, I have decided to start one. My main purpose in writing it is for me. I need an outlet sometimes for being able to think about what I am feeling or to work out where my life is going and I am going to try blogging.

I am approaching 50 in the next year or so and sometimes wonder if I have lost my way. I have three beautiful children who are growing up way too fast and a husband. I have no idea where I belong or where I going to end up. I used to be a risk taker and now I play it safe far too much but that does not have to remain the case.  I am fairly happy but something often feels missing – what is that? Maybe I will find that out some day. I have a yearning to do something exciting like going on one of those round the world charitable cycle rides and I want to lose 2 stone!

I don’t know how often I will write. It probably depends on whether if fulfils the need inside of me to be able to think things through a little more coherently or whether it becomes a chore. I am looking forward to finding out.



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